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On a lighter note


Supporting Member
Jun 15, 2017
AZ, United States
My wifee and I are building a shed in our back yard, She actually got the ground leveled and started, but it was starting to rain, so I put my canopy over the top to keep the rain of the new leveled surface.

A couple hours later we heard the wind and looked out side. It was crazy windy. I looked over and my tent had completely vanished. We couldn't find it anywhere. We looked over the fence in the neighbors yard/pool and we didn't see it, then we ran to the alley and it wasn't there. Then we thought some one ballsy stole it right from our back yard while we were home, so as we were starting to give up looking my Wife started laughing really loud. She had found it clear on the other side of our neighbors roof. I had "Mary Poppins'd" over our wall up on to the far side of the roof of our neighbors house. That started an awkward conversation.



TJ Enthusiast
Dec 25, 2016
Newmarket, Ontario
I used to run an annual lacrosse tournament that involved 7 or 8 fields to play on. Every year we'd rent a canopy, tables, chairs, etc. for each field to keep the off field officials (scorekeeper, timekeeper, etc.) out of the sun or rain. One year during the early morning set up, the guy in charge of one of the field phoned me to ask … "where are the pegs to hold the canopy down?". We were looking at each other about 3 fields away while we were on our phones. I told him to turn around, there's a good chance that they're blowing away with the canopy! Replacing that canopy was an expense we hadn't planned on.
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