Ope is going under the knife.


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Jan 10, 2023
Here is my 05 LJ nicknamed "Ope". Currently has a 2" Rubicon Express short arm lift and 35 STT Pro tires with no lockers and 3.73 gears. I am swapping in front and rear 08 JK Rubicon axles that i geared to 4.88 and have the factory E lockers. With the axles being swapped decided its the perfect time to go long arms!!! Iron Rock Offroad 4" flat belly skid long arm kit will be installed with the axles. I just finished putting a new heater core in. I will also be installing a 1 ton OTK steering kit with the lift. Stay tuned I am not great at build threads but will try to post progress pics!



Been a busy few weeks. I got the Iron Rock Offroad flat belly long arm installed sitting at a 4" lift and raised the belly up 3.5" so tons more ground clearance. Installed the jk rubicon axles and some 4.88 gears. Iron rock 4 link exhaust kit installed. Last but not least a 1 ton over the knuckle steering kit! Very happy with it still need to do a full shakedown and I still need to wire the lockers this weekend.