P0334 and P0016 after OPDA install

Brett Piles

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Jun 17, 2017
Missouri, United States
So the other day my jeep starting doing the "laughing monkey" noise. I found out it was the OPDA .I never done it before but because I'm a broke college student I do most of my work myself. Anyway, I watched multiple videos on YouTube on how to install a new one. I installed it just like in the videos, and I turned it on and I got a check engine light with a code P0334 and it was actually running better than it was running at idle. So I let it run for about 30 minutes at idle. Then I took it on a test drive everything til I hit around 2,500 rpms then it started bucking badly luckily I was only 500 feet from my house when it started. I don't understand on what I did wrong? And is there a chance that I could've cause a lot of damage to my engine?


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Sep 28, 2015
Florence, AZ
Hands down, the best YouTube video I've found for this is here: How to change your OPDA

If you follow that to the T and don't mess up your timing, you'll be fine. However, there's a chance that from what it sounds like, you screwed up the timing, in which case you'll need to completely re-time your engine (set everything to TDC and go from there).

The other possibility is that if you bought a replacement OPDA such as the Crown Automotive OPDA, the CPS sensor that comes on those is known to be finicky. Many, many people have reported installing it, and having error codes being thrown. When they swap the CPS sensor on the new OPDA out for the OE Mopar sensor on their old OPDA, it works just fine without any issues at all.

So, I would try this first, and if that doesn't solve it, it's a timing issue for sure. It's very easy to mess up the timing when installing a new OPDA.