Painting factory side steps?


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Oct 22, 2023
Lake Cumberland, Kentucky
Anybody had any luck painting their factory side steps? I don't want to go through the effort if nothing holds up well. Putting mine back on since the lift. I'd seen a thread from a while ago with no good results, just curious if anything has changed since then.

They aren't terrible, but I wouldn't mind having them look pretty nice. Any input is appreciated.

Raptor liner will also hold up very well. I haven't used it on my TJ but on my JT I have covered my rock rails, bumpers, fenders, cowl, and hood latches with it and it looks amazing. It holds up well on the trails and has a nice UV protectant.
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Late to this thread, but just adding that I painted mine three years ago and they are holding up well. I didn't use any adhesion promotor beforehand, or clear coat afterward, so I may re-do them sometime.