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  1. billiebob

    billiebob TJ Addict
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    If you could only own 4 Jeeps. which 4 Jeeps would you choose....

    I'll start.

    I'd keep my
    '05 Rubi plus a
    '55 Willys Pickup... yes, Willys counts. Plus a
    '45 CJ2 plus a
    '78 Grand Wagoneer with leather and air. Maybe a 401.
  2. Only 4! Ah man...that's tough...this would be a preliminary list...

    1941-45 Willys MB
    1967-69 M-715
    2001 Cherokee XJ
    2006 Rubicon
  3. sgtjdgelinas

    sgtjdgelinas TJ Enthusiast

    Sanford nc
    This is tougher than I thought it should have been.

    Hurst Jeepster
    CJ7 Renegade
    AMC Grand Wagoneer.
  4. JeepKub

    JeepKub New Member

    Grand Wagoneer with a Duramax conversion for Longer trips
    Current 05 Rubi LJ as DD
    TJ decked out with all premium upgrades and dedicated to wheelin.

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  5. Tom D

    Tom D New Member

    1974 CJ5
    1191 YJ
    2004 LJ
    2006 TJ

    (Of course, those are the ones I actually owned)
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  6. billiebob

    billiebob TJ Addict
    Thread Starter

    the '74 CJ5, 304, 3spd was a close 4th for me.
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  7. Travis

    Travis TJ Enthusiast

    Clinton, Iowa
    '06 TJ Golden Eagle, black

    '06 LJ Rubicon Sahara

    '18 JL Sport, black

    '00 WJ Grand Cherokee Laredo, black
  8. derekmac

    derekmac TJ Enthusiast

    NS, Canada
    Let's see...
    05 Rubi (my current Jeep)
    CJ2A (gotta love the flat fenders)
    MJ (nothing special, but always liked them)
    CJ8 Scrambler
  9. Cisco Kid

    Cisco Kid Been around the block...twice! Supporting Member

    1948 Willys Jeepster
    95 YJ
    And my 2005 Unlimited
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  10. PCO6

    PCO6 TJ Enthusiast

    Newmarket, Ontario
    I have 4 Jeeps that I'm pretty happy with ('88 MJ, '95 XJ 2 dr., '03 TJ and '04 LJ) ... BUT ... I'd love to have my old red '69 CJ back, Meyers snow plow and all. I had a ball with that one and pretty much paid my way through college with it (early '70s - couldn't do that today - lol). I'd also like to still have the black '90 XJ 4 door that I bought new. I remember driving it off the car lot and taking it to Stowe the next day for a week of skiing. Other than that I've always wanted a Grand Wagoneer and a Willys wagon and a ...
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  11. I'd have to stick with my 06 TJ X, & 1944 Ford GPW, and add a 42 GPW, and then a 41 MB.....maybe :) habits are hard to break :)
  12. Tom D

    Tom D New Member

    That's exactly what I had. I bought it new, right out of the Army.
  13. glwood

    glwood TJ Addict Supporting Member

    Albuquerque, NM
    The last year of the CJ7 that had a V8 engine
    My current '04 TJR
    LJ Brute conversion
    2013 JKU Sport for the wife.
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  14. offroadjeep

    offroadjeep New Member

    '01 TJ
    Willy's Pick up
    '95 YJ
    '05 Rubicon

    The thing that I've always wondered is what the best year of TJ is though, I've always been hesitant.
  15. FF_Jeep

    FF_Jeep TJ Enthusiast

    My current '06 LJ to build out
    '05 LJ Rubihara
    '79 Grand Wagoneer(green w/wood sides & tan interior. I learned how to drive in my parents old one)
    2019 JLTR!
  16. FF_Jeep

    FF_Jeep TJ Enthusiast

    You win. LJ Brute w/highline. :babeando:
  17. StG58

    StG58 TJ Expert Supporting Member

    So little love for the XJ, sad.
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  18. glwood

    glwood TJ Addict Supporting Member

    Albuquerque, NM
    One of the coolest Jeeps ever.

    GR8 Tops half cabs are pretty good looking also.
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  19. billiebob

    billiebob TJ Addict
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    yeah, love the GR8 half cab. ^^^^ on an LJ. But thats not a Brute.
  20. glwood

    glwood TJ Addict Supporting Member

    Albuquerque, NM
    I know, but I couldn't find many photos that I could copy and paste here...'til this...
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