Pitman Arm Grease Boot Replacement


Jun 14, 2018
I just noticed that the Grease boot for the Pitman Arm is torn. I wanna replace it with a new one. But I've never removed the Pitman Arm before.

Can someone point me in the right direction??? Maybe a post that's clear on how to do it properly.

I have a STOCK, 2000 Wrangler, (NO-LIFT), with a 4.0, manual tranny.

The boot was fine that last time I greased her up. But now it's cracked and the grease has come out.

All I wanna do is change out the boot, if possible. I don't think the Arm itself has any issues.

I know I will need a Pitman Arm Puller. What I really need to understand is do I have to remove the arm entirely, by removing both the back and the front in order to replace the boot. Or can I just disconnect the arm where the boot is located. Will that allow me enough clearance to take off the old boot and put on the new boot.

Also, what can I expect when the puller pops off the arm? Are we talking, "Hey, don't be under there!" type of thing?

Tie rod end. Pitman arm doesn't doesn't need to be removed. XJ/TJ/ZJ same thing. You can align the front tow-in yourself in 10 minutes afterwards. Vids for you. (y)

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Hey Boog-a-Loo that was great. So what your saying is it's the Tie Rod End Rod that has the boot and the Pitman Arm doesn't have to be removed.

From what I can see in the video, the guy doesn't have to loosen anything on the right side of the Jeep. He basically removes the Tie Rod from the Pitman using a puller, (which isn't showing in the video) and then the assembly appears to be loose enough to just drop down. At which point, he notes, "It doesn't pay to just replace the boot" and then goes for the Tie Rod End Rod replacement.

Am I correct in saying that once the tie rod is removed from the pitman arm, the assembly will just drop down?

Also, I'm guessing what you are recommending is, if I'm going to do it, replace the end rod as well.

Thanks good videos
Once the TRE (tie rod end) is disconnected from the Pitman Arm it will just drop down.You can replace only the boot OR a lot of times this TRE has play in it and most owners replaced the TRE assembly.
IF you opt for replacing the TRE; just count the number of exposed threads of the TRE that screw into the Drag Link. When installing the new TRE ensure the same amount of exposed threads are exposed.
Counting the number of exposed threads should ensure your steering wheel will be straight (assuming it was before).