Problems with my aftermarket head unit/ "No fuse" light on odometer


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Feb 11, 2019
Dunedin, FL
Hey y'all, first post on here glad to finally be a part of the wrangler fam. Used to have an XJ I built pretty far. Anyways I have some problems with my new TJ. I get a "no fuse" light on my odometer and a buddy of mine (we call him the Chrysler King) said it's because I do not have anything plugged into my IOD fuse in the under the hood fuse box. Was curious if that is correct? My next question, the dude I bought the Jeep from told me that the "no fuse" flashing was also the reason the head unit doesn't turn on. He said it went out a couple days before I bought it. I know my way around a Jeep for the most part because of my old XJ and I also remembered my gauge cluster not working on that because I didn't have a head unit plugged in? Could this be sort of the same dilemma something isn't right or plugged in and I'm just missing a piece for something to work? Any advice helps I'm trying to do everything I can before I resort to A. Pulling the head unit out and rewiring everything and B. Screaming at the Jeep for five minutes and driving it to Discount Auto Tunes down the road from my house. I really would like to do it myself especially since I'm on a tight budget until I leave for the Army. Thanks in advance!


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Jan 10, 2018
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Found this on another post:

Fuse checking / replacement is only a stop gap measure. You're betting that the fuse is getting voltage flowing into it, and of course, out of it.

The IOD (Ignition Off Draw) fuse #26 (10A) in the PDC, is the only one to trigger the No Fuse error. Check the cluster ground and power to both sides of the IOD fuse... I'd almost bet that there's no power getting into the fuse.

If that's true I'd first look at the fuse connector. If the voltage is coming out of the fuse, then the next thing to check is it's power distribution to make sure it's getting to the dash.