Pulling to right on deceleration


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Mar 20, 2023
Hi all! Bought a TJ a couple of weeks ago, and I was hoping someone might be able to give me a pointer on where to start with this odd steering behavior. I'm finding that when taking my foot off the gas, that the jeep wants to make a sudden dive to the right. The higher in the rpm range, the worse the effect is. It's most noticeable on the freeway, where it's also the most butt-puckering.

For reference, this is what's installed on the vehicle (in case it's relevant):
  • Currie 4" Rockjock full lift kit, including anti-rock sway bar (part # CE-9801HS)
  • 1-ton steering upgrade (appears to be GM style Y-link)
  • Stock (?) rear track bar appears to be on a relocation bracket (raised)
  • Pitman arm appears (?) stock
I also just got it back from getting an alignment at my local off-road shop, and it's about 80% better than it was prior (it was wandering all over the road with severe toe out). They were able to fix the wandering, but the throttle steering direction changes are still present (and scary). It'll technically also pull a bit to the left under hard acceleration, but the effects are much less pronounced than they are when letting off throttle.

My initial searches led me to believe that perhaps a rear control arm bushing was toast, but when trying to put leverage/torque on the tires to check for control arm movement, everything looks/feels solid. Is there a different way I should be checking? I also noticed that the rear sway bar bushings look worn, but I wasn't thinking that would cause such jarring direction changes.

I've been a backyard wrencher for decades, but TBH, suspension is something I'm not that experienced with, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. The previous owner of this Jeep appeared to take pretty dang good care of it, but seemed content living with the weird suspension characteristics - which I am not. :D

I've also attached some pictures, as pictures say so much more than words sometimes.







The first thing I noticed is the pitman arm Tie Rod End boot is damaged.
The front steering drag link and tie rod are a strange design which may be causing some of your steering issues.
Personally I would ditch that steering in favor of the Currie Currectlync; its a much better design.
Thanks for the reply!

The boot was actually just replaced (it looks like it popped off).

Yeah, I know the steering looks a little odd, but it looks very similar to a 1-ton ruffstuff setup that I had on my old lifted comanche. I don't think it has anything to do with the steering design, but of course I could be wrong.

Is there any relatively easy method of testing the control arm bushings w/o removal of the arms themselves? The last time I tried replacing control arms, I recall what a nightmare it was getting the holes aligned for the bolts afterwards.
The last time I tried replacing control arms, I recall what a nightmare it was getting the holes aligned for the bolts afterwards.

If they're installed correctly, you should be able to remove them (one at a time) without issue.
The bolts shouldn't be under any stress or bind.
Removing them is actually pretty easy. They're not under any stress. It's that things shift slightly after taking them out (even one at a time), so putting them back in can be a little rough. :)

Is pulling the arms the easiest way to check the bushings?
That sure does seem like torque steer. Probably in the back.try wiggling the arms side to side? If they are bound up it could mask the wiggle test though. Best to remove one end of each arm,one arm at a time and check play side to side.

This was my rear control arm bushing. I couldn’t tell when it was sitting.

When I drive, it would shift under me if I powered, and shift back when I shifted. Heard it called torque steer, shit steer, whatever, your description is exactly as mine acted.

I put Savvy control arms in and gone. 100% gone.

Take off one, have a ratchet strap if needed to help get it back, but that’s where I would start
So, I took a few minutes, looked at everything, tried to move ANYTHING that would move, and things are pretty damn solid. After looking at the lift kit itself, it looks like it's almost completely Johnny Joint, with very few rubber bushings (2). The only 2 arms that DO have bushings, are in the front, and from what I could tell, it looks like those 2 have visible external wear where the rubber's slightly exposed. So, I ordered replacement bushings for those, and will likely try to swap them out tomorrow when they arrive.

While the symptoms I'm describing do seem to be in line with something in the rear, I'll get the fronts replaced, and see where it stands.

Thanks to all who've replied and contributed, and I'll be sure to follow up with my findings.

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I don't know the versions well but i thought there was one using a smaller bolt.maybe yours is no drill?

It's possible. I'm probably going to give them a call in the next couple of days to confirm, and just ask a few general questions about the suspension system itself.
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Before you throw anymore parts at it, do a dry steering and a wet steering test to look for anything that might be loose. Sometimes you wont see/feel it by hand, and you may see something else dry vs under power.

Try unloading and loading the front end a little with a jack and see if anything is shifting or loose.
Nope - factory lockers, and they're disengaged.

I replaced one of the axle side upper control arm bushings (the driver's side). It didn't look too worn, but it was definitely the original. It took 5 1/2 hours just to get that out. Ball joint press got the new one in w/o a problem. The most frustrating part was just getting the bolt holes to line up properly.

Bought a cheap air hammer and a come-along for the other side which should make things go smoother.

I haven't gotten to the passenger side yet, but I intend to tackle that this week.
Make sure your tires are aired up properly and evenly. As in actually check. You will take apart the entire Jeep before you figure out that's your problem.
Idk if it has anything to do with your issue but you should install this steering-

The style on your jeep makes it wander while driving.

So you checked every single joint,connection,and bracket for movement?

Are the motor mounts visibly cracked or broken making it flop around and tug the jeep?