Radiator replacement


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Sep 10, 2023
So this radiator replacement has been quite an adventure.

2000 jeep TJ, 4.0 manual.

Had the radiator leaking so ordered this replacement off of quadratec, along with all of the hoses because why not while I’m in there

First issue- As I’m taking off the old radiator, there are only 5 bolts holding it on… now I’m missing one.

Second issue- I put the old and new radiator next to each other and… there are no bottom fittings on the old on one to use on the new one to plug the auto trans slots to block them off, as I have a manual. So now I can’t block those off. Okay I thought…I might as well just switch them over and button everything up… as once I source the plugs, I can access it under the car.

Third issue- I try to put the fan shroud on and apparently the screws/bolts used on the old one are not original because the minute I tried to put the first one through, it jammed up.

SO, please help me out! I need
1- a bolt for the radiator itself
2- plugs for the auto transmission slots on the new radiator
3-bolts to fasten the shroud to the radiator.

Been doing some research and I can’t find them for the life of me. Any help is appreciated
According to the 2000 TJ parts list (that can be found in in the Resources forum here along with the Factory Service Manuals), The radiator bolt and the fan shroud bolts are 1/4 - 20 bolts. I don't know that for a fact, that's just what the list says.

You don't have to plug those transmission line holes in you have a manual. You could always stick a foam ear plug in them if you're really worried about it.
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As stated, no need to plug the trans cooler on a manual.

Many of the aftermarket radiators come with metric threads for the shroud, which means you will need new bolts.

Take the rad bolt to the hardware store and find a match.
1- a bolt for the radiator itself

pull another and match it with same size thread/pitch from the bolt/nut/washer can or at the hardware store

2- plugs for the auto transmission slots on the new radiator

not necessary

3-bolts to fasten the shroud to the radiator


4- username

I read it at first glance as andyforfuck'ssake
As I recall, when I put a Denso into my Jeep I had to run the fan shroud screws in and back out before I put it in. They weren't threaded from the factory. Not a big deal but much easier to pre-thread them when it's off the vehicle. As already mentioned, the cooler lines being capped aren't important. I didn't even bother to cap them at all and it hasn't caused any issues. Also as mentioned, just get another bolt at your local hardware store. Buy a couple of them because you might lose another one.
First issue- As I’m taking off the old radiator, there are only 5 bolts holding it on… now I’m missing one.

I'm sitting here wondering if there is 5 bolts because one of 6 is lost or if there was 5 bolts AND one of those is now lost.

Of course that leads me to wonder why there is/was more than 4 bolts to begin with.
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I'm struggling with the stupid fan shroud bolts that came with the radiator (I assume they are for the shroud since I just reused the radiator mounting bolts. You would think that they would fit the fan shroud holes but they don't. They start going in like they fit because the bolts are tapered but they never go in. I guess I'll run my lowes and buy some small bolts with nuts.
Some are self tapping. They are much easier to deal with if you cut the threads before putting the rad in.

They look like self tapping but they aren’t doing a very good job of tapping. I just don’t understand why they would supply self tapping when it’s their radiator. They should know the thread.