Random photos: Got anything interesting, unique, strange?

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That from excessive rain, or this typical snow melt that you get this time of year? I know there has been flooding in California but not sure about your area…either way it sucks.

Snow melt compounded by 2 nights of heavy rain down here in the valley. The mountains all around us got anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of heavy wet snow. The ground hasn't quite thawed out where there was still snow. The temps have been bouncing between teens at night and mid 30s days except the last 2 nights it never got below 30. Tonight it was 25° by 9 and supposed to get in the low teens again.

Ice skating :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:
running in the snow takes a lot of energy


@Wildman direct connection to your Random Meme Dump post

Yesterday there was barely an inch of snow on the ground where it has been kept plowed. The resident that allows me to park the Wagoneer for my mail route sent me this picture this morning. I was going to start driving my side by side ob the route tomorrow.... Old man winter said "The hell you are!!" Snowmobile it is!!!

Here's a couple more pics another friend shared on thier way to work at a mine in that same general area.

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This is what my driveway looks like right now. But there is snow forecasted for Thursday & Friday this week & Wednesday & Friday next week & then Monday & Tuesday in the first week of April.
I wanted to bring my motorcycle home but nope not if it's going to be snowing still.