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Random photos: Got anything interesting, unique, strange?

Current picture in my home town at a business. Our only grocery store family owned has one too that is only 10c to use. Telephone company is owned by family here too, since 1946.

small town tech.jpg
Outdoor market in Iraq.. 2004


Building a mosque.


Typical home with a fenced yard. & flat roof. When It was really hot they would sleep outside on the roof.


The kids liked us.



Going for a hay ride.


Livestock just ran free for the most part.


Convoy operations.


SGM Eden with a SAW


Outdoor dinning next to a repair shop... Gots to smell great.

Please don't post a pic of yourself wearing the 1/2 costume. The full costumes reveal plenty.

By "1/2" costume, I just mean that one skirt came off (pantaloons underneath) and another two skirts went on - costume changes between dances. And its getting worse - the "incestuous relationship" between various Belly Dance troupes means I'm now doing several costume changes at even a small show. This particular performance, I danced with Troupe A, did the half costume change to dance with Troupe B, then did a full costume change to do another dance with Troupe B. I didn't solo at that particular event; I would have either had to make do with one of the existing costumes (the easy way), or had yet another costume change (harder, but nicer).

Its going to get even worse this fall. I suddenly find myself in a class doing a kind of mashup of Vaudeville, Andrews Sisters with a Belly Dance vocabulary thrown into the mix. Not traditional Belly Dance by any means - involving parasols. I told the teacher "You realize you're trying to teach a 225 lb, 63 year old man to dance a showgirl dance? Goddess help you, you have your work cut out!" There's even one point where I am dipped by the teacher - which is certainly a unique experience for a guy! But all this will mean yet ANOTHER costume change - fortunately to costumes that we already have.
This is what happens when you "flip" a trailer axle rather than "lowering" it:


Paid $20 for this mess to get the rim to replace one of the rims that came with my "new" trailer that's pretty rusty. Will have to swap my tire onto this rim, and dump the rest.
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The first time I ever got to fly an aircraft, the owner of this Velocity XL-RG let me fly right seat. Granted, that flight, most of my time flying was over the ocean heading back to KCPK. Second plane I flew in my life was a C172 out of that same airport. My partner is in the other aircraft, also in the right seat. She went there for me, no interest in aviation, but she got the chance that day to go up, and when we met back at the hangar after our flight to/ over KFFA, she was so excited, when she started out kinda apathetic towards it.
We had to keep slowing down for the plane she went up in, as our was just too fast for 'em. 😂









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