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Taught class for one of my teachers last week, so she buys me a really nice pair of earrings:


They'll match my fuchsia costume - but I need to find a necklace that at least "goes with" these.
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What the hell , at least you tried to be flexible ! :D

Yea, I try - so does the eunuch in the sultan's harem. One oddness is that I have a "flat spot" in my lower back - it isn't very bendy at all, and it shows up in some of my movements if one knows what to look for. It gives me problems doing laybacks in general, and this crazy dipping business in particular. Still, 20 years ago I could go back farther, so perhaps we can work up to it again. *shrug* We practiced it again tonite - I think I got a bit lower than last week, its a rather alarming feeling!