Rear shocks bottom out over bumps


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Jun 25, 2021
I have a 2003 jeep TJ with Walker Evans shocks. The rear bottoms out when I hit pot holes or when I carry a load. My rear shocks only have 4 inches of up travel and I recently had them rebuilt. I am also running them at max stiffness. Anyone have any ideas


What’s the travel bias on those things? How much up travel, down travel, and total travel?

My guess is you have the wrong shock for your application. This is why it’s very important to measure extended, compressed, and free length of shocks before purchasing them. This should be done in combination with cycling the suspension to set bump stop.

You can fix this by adjusting the bump stop and cycling the suspension to figure out how much bump stop you need. However, the proper way to fix this is most likely going to be getting new shocks that have the right specs for your set up.
As an interim band aide until you can purchase new shocks of the appropriate length for you Jeeps lift; you can clean the surface of the coil spring mount, apply some RTV to the surface and slip a couple hockey pucks in between the coils to stop the shock absorbers from acting as bump stops.
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Looks to me that your shocks only have a round 3" of down travel, so they are too long. Either get the appropriate length shocks or add some additional bump stop.
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