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Recommended diagnostic tools for my power loss issues?


Jun 9, 2019
Victoria Australia
So some of you may have read my dilemma...03 TJ 4.0 has power loss, and dies after running for about 5 to 10 minutes...not coughing/sputtering...just zero power, and dies, if you come to a stop/push in the clutch...starts again, reluctantly, after a few minutes, but the power is lacking...

In order to avoid simply throwing parts at it, and because I can't afford to take it to a shop (and prefer to do it myself, if I can just figure out what the problem is) I want to properly diagnose the cause...

I figure a fuel pressure tester, and a compression tester are good places to start...

Anything else come to mind? Should I look into an OBD reader? Or is the "turn the ignition to start 3 times" trick good enough? (Check engine light comes on every few months or so, then goes away after a few days, and currently not showing any codes)

Just had to walk a half hour in the rain, and while my fat a$$ can use the exercise, better weather would have been nice 😁

Steel City 06

TJ Enthusiast
Mar 12, 2019
Pittsburgh, PA
A Bluetooth OBDII reader and the Torque Pro app makes diagnosis easier, but is not necessary. The key trick will help you pull codes, but with the OBDII reader you can also look at other instrumentation in the engine, driveline, and exhaust system
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TJ Enthusiast
Apr 23, 2019
Upstate NY
May be worth it to have a reputable garage diagnose the problems, and then from there you can fix it your self, or not. Those million dollar test computers can find most any issues. Even ones you dont know about.