Review: Auxbeam Bluetooth-Enabled 8-Circuit Switch Panel


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Jun 15, 2020
TEXAS - Cedar Park
I used the same location for the control box but hung it vertically

Keep and eye on it. Vibrations could cause it to creep in which case it will drop down on top of your battery. That could be problematic

I was thinking of sliding it down toward the air box for exactly that reason, so that it won’t twist down. I may watch it and see how it goes. I actually had a couple other thoughts but wanted to just get it done, heading to Hidden Falls Saturday with my brother and wanted those lockers set up.
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Feb 26, 2020
Dallas, TX
So the previous owner had 3 sets of lights, KC Halogen and I liken that look Vs the LED Cubes/Bars etc that is what I have on my son’s 08 JK.

But the switches were all 3 different that the PO out in, kind of cheap, and now I need room for 2 more for lockers, and I have Rick lights and want reverse spots on my bumper. So that would be 7 total. (Lots of lights on the ranch doing Deer Surverys are helpful)

I went with this to try, and so far was a pretty nice setup.

I put the main box above the battery which is going to be a PITA when I have to work on battery, but oh well.

View attachment 381169

View attachment 381170

I wired up both lockers using the bracket they are on to the drivers side. (I added wire loom on these wires after the picture.
View attachment 381171

View attachment 381173

And everything worked well….but OF COURSE…one spot doesn’t come on all of the sudden. I can’t do a project that just finishes, I 100% of the time have 1 small issue. A new bulb is on the way, ha.

View attachment 381172

I also added the separate headlight upgrade wiring and Quadratec Hella 130/90w bulbs for the headlight.

One complaint, to Mount the controller above the rear view mirror I have to order an extension cable for it, not huge, but of course that’s not coming until this weekend.

Either way, the wiring, setup, everything is easy.

The BT app, is wholly unnecessary unless you want to change things etc from standard setup. It’s easier to use the app than toggle through etc, so it’s a “nice to have “ feature, not really needed per se.

Man, I’m running LED’s but those old KC spots sure do look nice head on, what’s it look like behind the wheel in the dark?
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