RHD TJ in need of steering help


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Mar 5, 2023
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Hey so I know steering stuff is already a headache and adding RHD to the mix really doesnt help me. I have a 2006 RHD wrangler Sport with a newly installed 2.5 inch rancho lift kit with the rs9000s. after getting it installed for a hefty price my steering went bye bye. Now the steering stabilizer is smushed onto tie rod and the bushings have also disentegrated. help would be much appreciated.

left side.jpeg

right side.jpeg

just to add I've been told to do a flip kit but leaning towards just buying the heavy duty steering kit RHD from extremeterrain
I had a RHD TJ equipped with OTK steering. I don’t recommend given the amount of work required, especially if you are paying for labor. Stock replacement is your best option. Installing new steering is simple if you have mechanical experience.
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Just saw all the notifications. First off I want to say that I have unfortunately not lifted my RHD TJ Wrangler yet. I've got a 1.25" body lift and nothing else.

Here is what my steering looks like:




I am NOT a suspension expert so take my advice with a grain of salt. I don't like the extreme angles I'm seeing with your steering linkage:



Again I'm no expert but you have a much more extreme angle to you steering drag link bar and your tie rod bar compared to mine. I've illustrated that with the red lines on the two pictures above.

I see two ways of fixing this. First would be to flip the tie rods on the steering knuckle with a OTK "Over The Knuckle" kit OR getting a drop pitman arm to reduce that angle between the drag link bar and the tie rod bar.

Again I haven't tried lifting my TJ yet because I knew there would be challenges with lifting a RHD. Either way it looks like you'll need to replace your tie rods.

Hope this helps.

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thanks @Havasu I called iron rock offroad and the guy said my angles are fine. my main concern now is the stabilizer touching the drag link and not positioned right. also my tires are doodoo ive realized and also might be my main problem with steering. also the fact that they aren't the right psi
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