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Mar 15, 2020
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Ok, I'll start me a thread.

04' Patriot Blue X 4.0L 5-speed


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I heard somewhere someone say hashtag #lockersbeforelightbars

First up recovery type stuff. Bumpers, winch and gear. Then step up to Rubicon Dana 44's and a transfer case.
There is a salvage yard close by me with adds on Craigslist parting out a few TJ's. Low on funds right now after buying this.

I'll take more pics this weekend of how it sits right now. Till then, how about a pic from last night when I got to work ?

Weather is not so hot now in the Phoenix area. The past couple of weeks I have noticed that I may be the only Jeep with my top on. I looked up what soft top it is that I have on here. Geez, the interweb is a wonderful place. It's a Rampage frameless trail top. Found Youtube video's on how to install it so I could pull the back and sides off. Now I gotta get me some of them 1/2 doors !



A couple days ago I started to take off the nerf bars. A few bolts would not come out. PB Blaster and better tools borrowed from a mechanic at work got it done. Bought some Rubicon rocker guards that I am researching how to install.



Ready for the funds to buy a winch
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Pulled the front swaybar. Drives good. Seat of the pants feel, I don't feel a difference with no swaybar. I have ordered front and rear Antirocks to address that area. What's left is the gorilla in the room,as they say. Axles and suspension.

Axles, man I want so mush stuff that I cant afford right now. Will take time to build up the funds to buy want I want for the axles and suspension. I want to do it right the first time. My Dana 30 and Dana 35 need upgrades. Dana 44 front and rear at least. Lockers ? Heck, I don't know what lockers to with. So many choices. I aint ever been down this road to know yet what style/type of locker I prefer.

Must do is add the Rubicon rockers I bought.
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