RockJock Track Bar Johnny Joint Ball Stress Fractures?


Mud as Clear
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Dec 26, 2020
Came across these pics from when I rebuilt/ greased all my johnny joints over the summer. What's going on here? Could these cracks originate from over-torquing the
TB bolt?




That corrosion looks pretty bad too.

Yeah, most of the control arm joints were pitted like that and squeaked like crazy. Redline CV2 worked for a bit but the squeaks returned. Wound up replacing all 16 CA jj's🤑🤑
Any idea how many miles were on those joints in order for them to become that pitted?

It was before all the hubub about jj's started here, so I didn't think to track... best guess? 40,000 mi.
This is daily in Denver area (winters included).
Did they use Johnny joints on the titanic?

Well in all seriousness one of the things that just kills me about salt, (I say that assuming they use some in your area), Is in liquid form it just works at sway into areas and eats metal- And I would think that just moisture alone could sit in one as well-

Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love Johnny joints-

But this is pretty much the reason I went with Clayton Girro joints- Are they better?

I would not begin to say that.

I just felt like they were a better choice for what I was doing and our environment.

I have wondered if it would be possible for Currie to machine some channels in these things were more grease could be delivered because I’m of the opinion grease helps to keep things out as well as lubricate.