Rough Country Black Series Dual Row LED light bar


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Sep 26, 2019
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We don't have a subforum that specifically claims lighting but this one kinda makes sense as a place to talk about offroading related stuff that isn't specific to a TJ.

If you prefer video format, it's here
. I didn't realize I was in a Nate from Dirt Lifestyle costume (hoodie and backward baseball cap) until editing the video.

If you'd rather just scroll and read, most of the important details are below.

Anyway, wife got me one of these for Christmas,, just now got it installed.

I would say it's a good mid-level option that's a bit nicer and more expensive than the typical Amazon chinesium. Has a solid, quality feel to it in my opinion. Came with a nice, heavy wiring harness with appropriate wire gauges, fabric loom, heat shrink, and relays, which is in contrast to the harness that KC provided for my spot lights, which is just in plastic sleeving, splices covered by electrical tape, and routes the full current through the switch without a relay.


It has a separate DRL circuit that I won't generally use as a DRL, but might use it in fog/dust/snow to help others see me. It's wired as one of the options on a 3 position switch. My one gripe about the whole thing is that if I was gonna use it as a DRL, I'd rather the DRL be amber. They offer amber colors in some of the other sizes, but not the 12" for some reason.


It has options for mounting with brackets at the ends, as well as underneath to the body which make it flexible to different mounting widths, which works well for a fairlead mount as I have it mounted.

It does a great job at filling in the gap I had between my headlights and the KC spots I have on the A-pillars.

High beams

High beams + spot lights (the close foliage doesn't really allow justice to be done to the spots)


all three (notice a lot more light thrown down onto the forest floor)


There is probably a lot of time I'll be able to use the light bar by itself, though the headlights do add some off to the sides.


I ended up not liking little wires making spaghetti of the battery area so in the install, even though I liked the harness that came with the light, I cut it up and wired it into my own one-piece offroad lighting harness integrating it with a 6 circuit fuse/relay box and my a-pillar lights, then tying it into the parking light circuit so it all shuts off if the parking lights aren't on (that way I hear the chime if I try to walk away with the light on).

Original install with the Rough Country harness (after I'd already cut the heat shrink off the relays)

My connections before the final heat shrink (I used crimped butt connectors until i started getting worried about the bundle getting too big for the heat shrink, and switched to those solder connectors that get melted by a heat gun)


I ended up with some uneven lengths on the different harness branches but it doesn't bother me enough to redo it.

Fuse/Relay Box

The switch it comes with is an awkward oval shaped, non illuminated 3 position switch (one for DRL, one for the main light). It came with a template but I didn't really want to meticulously cut an odd shaped hole for a switch that isn't aesthetically consistent with my other switches. The switch that came with the KC's is a round 3/4" red illuminated rocker. They don't sell a 3 position version but Rigid does, and it looks very similar except it doesn't have markings.


For now it's ok, but I did find this light that isn't illuminated but I've wondered if I could take them apart and frankenstein them into an illuminated 3 position switch that matches the switch from KC without breaking anything I need to make it work.