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Aug 20, 2021
Texas Panhandle
Curious how good a S30 with 4340 shafts, regear, and ARB locker with S35 1541h shafts, regear and ARB locker compares to a Stock Rubicon. I know the transfer cases are different ratios but other than that what is everyones opinions of both or comparing both. Pretty sure my build is headed in the S30 and S35 combo and I'll stick with 33's and 4.56 gears for now. I haven't researched steering upgrades for 35s enough yet and have a brand new set of 33's on the jeep so she may just run 33s forever once I regear to 4.56. I know I'm beating a dead horse with all the questions about upgrades and what not. But this setup/build is where I'm headed, and this is basically a global picture of my upgrades to the axles. Thoughts, opinions, more advice?