Savvy control arms (no jam nuts?)


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Mar 21, 2022
I ordered a set of lower control arms to replace my worn out front RE short arms but they didn't have jam nuts with them. I can't imagine that's how they should be but who should have supplied them? Should they have come in the box with the johnny joints or savvy has to get them separate and put them in the bag with the mounting hardware?

I've emailed savvy as either way, I should have gotten them but haven't heard back from them yet.
They don't come with the Johnny Joints from Currie RockJock, so it sounds like somebody boxing them up at Savvy forgot to include them.

Thanks. Now I get to deal with the maybe answer sometime in the next few weeks bit. Hopefully savvy's improved communication.

I guess I'll look at what size the thread is just in case.
I recently contacted Gerald directly for a bracket and the dude was swift at getting it out the door and across the country to me.
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Just go buy what you need, why wait weeks?

They are probably 1-1/4-14 nuts, and you got 8 RH and 8 LH threads. Not super common anywhere, plus it’s probably 30- 50 bucks worth of hardware. If you gotta wait anyway, might as well get them from the place that was supposed to include them in the first place since they’re already paid for