Savvy off-road sold?

you shouldn't have any issues selling your short arms

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You shouldn't buy the Savvy midarm kit.

But why would he? Just stay with short arms. 😀

oh I thought you were just being a smart ass cause I didn't realize the upper joints were bigger, so I wouldn't be worthy of the mid arms. At least that's the attitude I remember from the TJ community. :ROFLMAO:

I've got a lot of different automotive projects going on, I've been off the TJ for a while but I've got it in the garage with the tub pulled off right now going over everything and thought it might be a decent time to upgrade. I'm not up on the topical discussions of the last couple years. So this thread kind of got a knee-jerk reaction out of me.

The sticker talk is funny. I've spent thousands with Savvy over multiple orders and never got a sticker. I got promised a windshield banner by multiple people years ago, never saw it. I even ambushed Gerald himself in the pits at koth once and he said he'd have his guys send me one lol. They did make me a pretty good bloody mary though
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Back ordering works in their favor, as it gets customer capital to fund the run vs balance sheet capital. Did they not teach you basic business concepts in seminary?

A good idea in this spirit, is to organize a group buy. Another DIY hobby I was into did this all the time. If we have a large enough number of takers, say 10+, for an item like the skid for example, then the group requests it to be made. It might get heard if there are enough folks wanting certain items all at once as it eases the logistics, costs, etc.

roughly 20 years of history on the LME 3m Aluminum contract. AL isn't in the low range that it benefitted from easy money, but it isn't at its highs either.

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