Savvy off-road sold?

It’s a bit sad, but you guys do constitute “all my friends.”

Sad Over It GIF by ElevenDAZN
Sadly, that tells us everything we need to know about their commitment to the TJ platform. 😒

It may show their business sense. The TJ stuff may not make any money. If it did the quick way to keep the lights on is to find a fabricator and start sending the product out the door.

Or it may show they are bad at business.

Obviously they suck at naming.
Gerald says he still owns the company. Savvy Designz says they merged. Savvy's website is still up. Savvy Designz website has been off and on. Savvy Designz address is the address of Endoscopy Specialist Inc of which Jake Glaser (Savvy Designz CEO) is the VP/Owner. This seems like a cluster f@*k. I just want some bumpers but have accepted this will probably never happen.
How I wish LinkedIn was right.😁