Savvy off-road sold?

I have to think that would have been the "upgrade" kit, which is now $3550. But yeah, that's close to having me priced out of ever having one, no matter how justified it is by the production cost.

If I was doing it I would probably do the $1500 bracket/truss kit and get my own links made since I have nearly enough joints to complete the links. There's like, $600 worth of Johnny Joints in there.

Problem is that, unless you have a bunch of spare 2.5" joints laying around, all your uppers don't get used again. You would have to buy (6) 2.5" joints for the uppers
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The biggest complaint was that it was more expensive than the UCF version. The big problem with that is folks can't math. The UCF version did not include a body lift, cable shifter, motor mount lift, and when finished even with the addition of those items, it still didn't have a stand alone crossmember that allowed you to test drive the rig with the skid removed.

The second problem is some folks already had a motor mount lift installed and would not remove it to install the Savvy version.

The third problem is folks didn't want to pay for a cable shifter whether it was a great idea or not.

The fourth problem is folks, lots of them had a 1" body lift already and didn't want to change it to the 1 1/4" Savvy version.

Too many strikes against the product and too many complaints about the all inclusive nature adding to the overall, albeit cheaper price. At the time, if you added it all up, it was a fair bit cheaper than the UCF but again, folks can't math.

Are these kits available through you, or do you plan to offer them in the future?
Ordered Monday and got the engine skid today.