Savvy off-road

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I got a body lift kit and transfer case cable pretty quick, less than a week. Not a huge order by any means...

I had to look back through my email and I did order a transfercase shifter on 7-03-23 without a problem. I’ll use my credit card as it’s insurance when I order this. I don’t know how much I’d save having a friend make them. He wouldn’t charge me but tbe material probably would still cost a good bit.
Yes. Belly pan and engine skids for 06 TJ. Ordered while Gerald was at Easter Jeep Safari and it shipped upon his return and arrived promptly afterwards.
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Transfer case cable for a 241 ordered Tuesday, arrived Thursday. I was impressed with the speed… but the packing looked like it was done in the last 10 minutes of a Friday shift.
Well credit card is insurance for me so I am not scared to roll the dice. I have tried pricing out this control arm set and it will probably cost me more to get everything to do it myself so I'll try them out.