WTB: Savvy Under Armor For 97-02 4.0 Manual

Sea Cot

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May 2, 2019
Title says it all. I'm nearby Ann Arbor and Detroit Metro Airport (Michigan)
And it took well over 5+ years to get rid of that inventory.

I am 1 of 50:) I bought mine in early 2016 after the price had dropped from <$1000 to $800.
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Wow I never it was that limited and took that long. I’d love to get rid of my 2in deep ucf steel skid and get it up higher and lighter. What’s the next best thing? Genright support cross bar with a ucf aluminum skid?
Hey Sea Cot, I know its a long shot, but do you still have the Kicker PXA200.1 you were trying to sell?

Sold it on eBay a few weeks ago. I still have the OEM center console enclosure and Kicker 6.5"