Seatbelt saved my life!


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Oct 12, 2018
Shenandoah Valley, VA
Motorcyclists do the same thing, covering the brakes/clutch. But it's obviously a lot less physically straining to leave a finger in the air versus keeping your left foot in that awkward position.


Because of the straining left foot thing you referenced. The foot will start dropping, and your brake lights will start coming on.

Hard to know when you're really stopping.


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Mar 15, 2020
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I worked as an EMT for around 5 years. There was one guy (luckily not my permanent partner) that drove that way and was damn proud of it. Everyone that rode in the back with a patient absolutely hated him. I've never been so car sick in my life. Very jolting and just awful.

Maybe there's a reason to do that in a big rig, but don't do that in a regular car (or Jeep).

Glad the OP is ok. Sad about your Jeep though.

To expand on my comment, it's while in heavy city traffic. With the jake brakes off, I'll take my right foot off the foot feed and have it hovering over the brake pedal. I'll slow down at bit not being on the foot feed. This is to help keep my following distance and I am aware to expect the unexpected that you 4 wheelers will inevitably do like not use your turn signal and cut me off. I never use my left foot on the brake pedal. My right foot is going back and forth as traffic allows.


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Mar 2, 2020
east texas
No pictures to show but the jeep is totaled!… just got home from the hospital, nothing serious, some road rash on my arm and sore… could’ve been a hell of a lot worse!… A little old man didn’t stop at a stop sign and clipped me on the passenger quarter, rolled the jeep over on the drivers side with me in it and slid me about 75 feet down the road… tore the passenger rear tire and the axel shaft out of the axle…. Rear axle and Frame are warped… Drivers side is tore up from the slide…. seatbelt and rollbars saved my life! My wife is balling like we lost a member of the family… Insurance will never pay me back what I’ve got in that vehicle… oh well
Dash cam footage of the accident…

Viewer discretion is advised
Warning: Explicit Language…😎

damn it boy! glad you’re ok.
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