Shiloh's First Moab Adventure - Part 3


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Oct 12, 2019
SouthCentral Colorado
February, 2020

See beginning of Part 1 for general explanatory comments.

On this day I drove Potash Road, Shafer Road, and the White Rim Road. I also started up the Shafer Switchbacks (but had to turn around as you'll see.)
01 IMG_3874 - s.jpg

02 IMG_3879 - s.jpg

I love the red buttes in front of the blue mountains:
03 IMG_3936 - s.jpg

04 IMG_3886 - s.jpg

Sadly, in this photo you cannot see that it is a thousand foot drop-off just a few feet from the TJ:
05 IMG_3906 - s.jpg

Manly lunch:
06 IMG_3909 - s.jpg

This photo is looking down on the corner I just drove around in the video above. You'll see that the section of the Colorado is the same.
08 IMG_3976 - s.jpg

Another top view of the White Rim Road:
09 IMG_3954 - s.jpg

9b IMG_3924 - s.jpg

I started up the Shafer Switchbacks (not knowing that the trail was closed at the top - they had not bothered to post that at the bottom). I got into a section of perma-shade that had a 6 inch layer of ice pellets on it. They did not pack together as I drove on them, they just slid around on each other. It was like driving on 6 inches of BBs. So I turned around. I took this photo right after I turned around:
10 IMG_3912 - s.jpg

This video shows the Shafer Switchbacks from the top. You can see where I had come from in the far distance and then you can see what I would have been driving on if I had continued:

In that video you can actually see my tracks where I turned around. Here's a photo zoomed way in. Yup, that's me.
12 IMG_3947 - s.jpg

On my way back out. As I mentioned elsewhere, with just one brief exception late Friday afternoon, we never saw another vehicle out on the trails. It was magical. It was so quiet back in here that the loudest thing I could hear was my own ears ringing.

14 IMG_3920 - s.jpg


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Sep 28, 2015
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Absolutely amazing. Some of that scenery is so surreal it's hard to even believe it is real!