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Should I rebuild or replace my AX-15?


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Mar 7, 2022
Southern Illinois
My ax-15 transmission is almost in need of replacement. Syncros are out in second and third can’t even hardly get it in gear sometimes. I can’t find anyone in my area that will work on it to replace them. Would you recommend buying a new one or a reman? Also any recommendations on where from?
Thank you.
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Dec 13, 2020
Blue Ridge' Ga
there aint a lot to rebuilding one. about the only special tool you need is a hyd. press available at northern tool fairly reasonable . if your mechanically inclined, plenty of u tube video's out there. pressing the bearings out is the hardest part ! you can save yourself a lot of money if you can do it yourself ..
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Rebuild kit is about 350… I’d give it a whirl. Should be able to knock it out in a weekend if it’s your primary vehicle. Although it may be a good idea to put a new clutch in while you have the transmission out, I believe the luk clutch is a little over 100 bucks.


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Sep 26, 2019
Edmond, OK
depends on the situation. I'm in a rental while building a house, have no workbench to do detailed disassembly/reassembly type work, and right in the best weather for topless Jeeping so I'd buy a new one and swap it out in a weekend.

A year from now I should be in my own 24x39 insulated garage, so I'd probably wait until winter and rebuild it.

Third option would be to buy a used one and rebuild it, then swap it in to minimize downtime.