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Went fancy for a Tuesday

My two favorite drinkers. Sadly, I haven't seen a bottle of 107 in 3-4 years in Oregon.

I’m really fortunate to have friends in various states as I travel for work. I’ve never seen 107 for sale on the shelf in Missouri. Best advice I can give, find something easily obtainable you like and don’t chase the hype.
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Seeing how my name is Duke, I couldn’t not try this tonight. Lol.

Pairing that with a My Father Le Bijou. First time for both. I’ll check back in after I get to know them a little tonight.



I am enjoying it! Nice smoke. Definitely on the strong/bold side of the scale. But a nice smoke with an even burn and lots of flavor.

I’m not smart enough to tell you what flavors I taste though some of you. I am still in the “tastes good” vs “tastes bad” phase of my journey into the habit/hobby. It is a smooth cigar with little “aftertaste”, I like it!

Regards to the Duke bourbon, it’s nice / ok. I like Angels Envy in this price point though.
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Picked up a case of Jefferson Ocean Cask Strength store pick from Lukus in KC last week on a work trip for a buddy in Ohio. Also a few bottles for me including a Blanton’s store pick, Angels Envy store pick, Elijah Craig Private Barrel store pick, and a couple of Ben Holladay Barrel Proof Single Barrel store picks.

Was a good trip! Sipping on Larceny Barrel Proof tonight.