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Fried okra and huckleberry lemonade while waiting for a little brisket

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On thing that is cool about Holladay (for the Kentucky bourbon snobs) is that in order to call it Missouri Straight Bourbon all aspects of its making have to come from inside the state. The wood for the barrels, the grain, the distillate, the water, all of it. Not like a lot of the labels out there that source everything and slap a sticker on it. Its also produced at the original still site with the original aquifer. Many of the original buildings are still on site and some are being used.

I think that's pretty cool. Will also say stay away from J. Riegers from KC MO. I have never had one that wasn't awful.
Not drinking tonight. We just got back from a 3 week road trip to Jackson, Mississippi and I really wanted to visit Cathead distillery and just couldn't find the time. I did find one of they're bottles at a corner liquor store.

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I’ve rebought the Blue several times. I really like the Blue label/Architect and the toasted / Grey label is very full bodied.

Overall I’m a fan.
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My wife's uncle gave me a 50yo bottle of Canadian Club a few years ago. Drinking that one slowly, very tasty.

He stopped by the other day (I wasn't there) and left a similar aged bottle of Seagram's 7. Though this one is in a plastic bottle and I think it's unopened. Just checking if it's safe to drink from a plastic bottle that old. I'm not a big drinker and never really tried Seagram's 7 much. Pretty sure it mixes well with 7up, but not sure what else it goes well with. Probably leave it out during my Poker game this weekend.
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