Simple TJ hardtop wiring harness


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Nov 4, 2019
As most of you probably know, TJs without factory hardtops do not come with the hardtop wiring or switches.
My TJ is one of them, but I got it with a hardtop and it seemed simple enough to add a few functions. I put in a double pole momentary switch. Pushing up operates the wiper one time and returns to the parked position. Pushing down operates the rear washer pump. I used 14 gauge wire wrapped in protective wire wrap that follows the original harness under the dash(over the steering column), back and below the drivers side door under the trim, and finally along the drivers side of the body along with the factory harness to the drivers side rear where the plug is located.

I didn't want to drill into the wiper washer reservoir, I was afraid my original might crack or leak. Nor did I want to run hose from the front to the back and add a bunch of wires thru the firewall. I found a washer pump tank combo online that fits the space by the plug/ rear hatch nicely and doesn't really take any space that im using anyway and is easy and clean to fill. Plus it can come out easily with the removal of the hardtop which I like.

It was getting cold and dark and I didnt have a chance to take many pictures. But I thought id put together a little sketch and a few photos of the aftermath. I'm hoping it may help someone else trying to do the same thing. Its pretty straightforward anyway, there are really only 4 wires to run, a fuse, a switch, and a pump.


The double pole momentary switch is in the middle and fits nicely in the factory blank. You might also notice my "custom" change holder. I was missing the ashtray and it was really bugging

I'm sure I could come up with a fancier method to secure the washer reservoir but it fits pretty snug, the tie is really only a backup, it is a Jeep after all. If it's not bolted or tied down, it's going to move.
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Materials list in case it helps.
Washer pump and reservoir
Double pole momentary switch
Fuse Taps

All in I spent ~$40 and about 1-2 hours. I've heard that the factory harness is no longer available but there is an excellent tutorial on here to install that. I didn't want to spend that much time or money to do the whole factory rewiring and this was an easy way to get a few simple functions. I didn't bother with the rear defroster, I put in ice melting washer fluid and i'll see how that works out.
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Fantastic write-up / how-to thread, especially since this is a topic that comes up very frequently.

I'm upgrading you to a supporting member for this (y)
Thank You! I have been able to get so much useful info from the site, I hope a can help a few people out in return.
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Thank You! I have been able to get so much useful info from the site, I hope a can help a few people out in return.

This is definitely a great start. As I mentioned, this topic seems to come up at least once a month, so this is very helpful!
Does anyone know if the oem rear wiper switch work, and where can I pickup the wire connector for a 2001 hardtop.
I don't have one but I would think an OEM switch would work great! I'm curious about the plug myself as I used flat spade type connectors.
I've read something about a Durango power seat sharing the same plug but I believe that is for a 2003+ hardtop.
Excellent write up! Any plans to get the defroster working also?
It wouldn't be to hard but it hasn't been necessary for me yet. Around $50 for a relay with a 10 min timer/ controller. Looks like what beaux1 suggested.
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Thank you TrailKing for taking the time to draw this up. :)

My 98 came without the harness and I wanted to set this up without buying a harness from e-bay etc. This High tech drawing helped me tremendously. I setup the wiper on a toggle switch and it parks itself using relay. I also used the frostfighter 2712 as suggested by someone else and it had it's own relay/timer. Easy to do both following this Diagram and another showing PIN 1 to be the defrost. I did not setup the wash pump but, I am happy to have the functional wiper and defroster.
Thank you for posting this! I have the same problem and now thanks to you I have a solution. Now we just need one for adding cruise control to non cruise control TJs.
@Trailking , Electrical layman here, can I modify the diagram to only use the wiper and no fluid pump? Would I only use 3 of the 4 wires? I assume I can also use a single pole switch?