Skid Plate Bolt


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Apr 8, 2021
Got these replacements and figured I would post the link for future searchers. They fit perfectly and seem to be same quality as OEM. Added both sets for older and newer models. Thanks for the help below.

03-06 models.

10 PCS M12-1.75x40 MM Metric Hex Flange Bolts Grade 10.9 Screws Phos & Oil

97-02 models

15 PCS 1/2-13x1-3/4" Grade 8 Hex Flange Screws Frame Bolts USS Coarse Phos & Oil
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Want to put up the size for 1997-2002.
1/2 x1.5 with a conical head

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I didn't see them listed separately but Blaine sells nice kits when you bust up the frame bits for the 97-02 and the 03-06. He'd probably also sell other folks the individual bits if they need them. I've had that black phosphate stuff corrode pretty quick and really would probably do cad plated if I could find it.