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Jan 29, 2017
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UPDATED: April 11, 2023 (all updates will be here on Message #1)

Hello to all the Southern California peeps and anyone interested in heading WEST for some fun!

I'm in the preliminary planning stages of putting together a MiniFest in the Superstition Mountain OHV area for next fall.

@Beestinger will be Co-Hosting this event with me as he is very familiar with the area and trails. A Thank You also goes out to San Diego 4 Wheelers for access to their published information about the trails out there. The SD4W does an annual Superstition Mountain run in January each year.

I have begun researching the area and putting a plan together. If there is enough interest and we get a good number of people we'll have additional trail leaders to break into easy/moderate/more difficult, groups.

This MiniFest covers an extended weekend and therefore geared more towards the SoCal locals, but everyone is invited, especially the people right next door in Arizona! There are many easy trails in the area and a few harder trails. This would be a great opportunity for those with stock to simple modded Jeeps to come and learn while still having a few harder obstacles for the veterans in the group.

Preliminary Dates: November 2023 (2-5 or 16-19)

Where: Superstition Mountain OHV Area


Communications: GMRS (primary)

Remote Camping: Wheeler Road Kiosk Area (N32 55.585 W115 48.6549)
(no facilities, pack it in, pack it out!)

Closest City: Seeley, CA

Here is a video a friend of mine did in the area...
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I'd be interested. I haven't gotten out much the past couple years just because life got busy, but it's not far for me to get there, and I'm ready to get back out and do some exploring. If you ever want to come out to check out some of the trails hit me up and I would love to tag along, as it would be a good excuse to get the Jeep out.
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Following. The area in that map is HUGE. You can spend several days just around Truck Haven / Ocotillo Wells.
I still want to run Pinyon Mountain area to get that badge

Pinion mountain is a good run, the start is about an hour drive from truck haven as I recall. Going through the squeeze JK’s need to take off their wheel spacers. The trail does drop you back into ocotillo. Sandstone canyon is a great trail but I heard it is closed part way up the canyon due to rockslide. I heard someone winched their way out of the canyon. A big no no. I guess it’s protected outside the canyon. It is a up and back. The mud caves make a great night run destination especially if there is a full moon.
I updated Message #1. All updates will be on message #1 so its easy to find.

This MiniFest will be at Superstition Mountain. Dates moved to November. Please indicate one of the two weekends.

I would love to run Pinyon as well but I don't think that will happen for me on this trip. Feel free to put a group together if you want. I can see where a future, full week TJFest, would be possible. I would schedule a day off so people could visit Julian. There are a lot of trails out here for sure! Please pass the word, especially to the Arizona members!