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Soft top owners: You're away from home and want to take the top down. Where do you put your windows?


TJ Enthusiast
Feb 4, 2017
Palmdale, CA, United States
Cheapest way I store my windows with me all the time in the summer is using a folding chair bag, works like a charm.

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Exactly what I do. I use a beach blanket between the windows. Has been working well for years. And they are available if weather goes bad. In our case, heat can be the thing that makes you want the windows back.

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Willys LJ

TJ Enthusiast
Oct 26, 2018
Dyer TN
I got this one. My LJ side windows fit in it quite well.



TJ Enthusiast
I have this bag. It stores the windows and half door tops well, but the windows will still scratch a bit if you are riding with them in the Jeep because of a little dirt and vibration. I leave mine at home most of the time to be honest.


TJ Enthusiast
Oct 20, 2018
Kingston, WA
If I’m running my top, i roll the back window up and and use small dog leashes as the snaps to hold it up tighter. Side windows I leave at home and I usually run soft doors from spring to fall. Most summer my Jeep wears a bikini plus and tonneau cover. I keep a wind Jammer in the back in case I need to go on he highway and I forgot my hoodie.


Staff Member
Sep 28, 2015
Salem, Oregon
Mine are sitting at home in the basement laid out flat on a table, while me and the TJ are here at work. So, I place a lot of faith on the weather forecasts around here. :D

I am quite certain this is my top: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FB0UYZU/?tag=wranglerorg-20
I've always done the same, except I leave the entire hardtop at home and just place very good faith in the weather. If there's even a remote chance of rain, I don't chance it.
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Supporting Member
Jan 23, 2019
I've always done the same, except I leave the entire hardtop at home and just place very good faith in the weather. If there's even a remote chance of rain, I don't chance it.
I don't have nearly that much faith in the weatherman! Plus I'm enjoying being able to have the top down for some part of the day when it's nice even if it's going to rain later and I'll need to button it all back up.

Once we get into the dead of summer I can also see having the top down in the morning or late in the evening, but putting it back up in the middle of the day when it's 100°+ for some A/C relief. It's my first year with my Jeep, so haven't gone through a Texas summer with it yet, but if it's like it was when I rode a motorcycle the wind from riding in the summer heat doesn't do you any favors.

As an aside, I found it interesting when I came across an article that showed that if you're riding for any length of time at temperatures above 93° it's actually better to wear a solid jacket/pants that don't breathe or otherwise shield your body from the wind, since all that hot wind hitting your skin at speed will actually increase your body temperature more than it is able to cool you off from evaporating any sweat.
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Kiwi TJ

I don't suffer from insanity I enjoy every minute
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Ride of the Month Winner
May 3, 2016
Auckland New Zealand
being sub tropical we can get a short downpour now and again in the early spring..... I leave my rear 3 windows at home and put the half door uppers in behind the back seat.....usually I end up darting for a gas station or underground car park to shelter from it.


New Member
Apr 28, 2019