Solar Backup Camera

Smartphones? Hardly.
Then, how will lazy people get their food? ;)

For a back up camera I opted to do the spare tire location* and as I want to keep my wires tidy ordered the behind the spare third brake light*. I then thought this would be a good time to get the license plate relocation bracket*. I then searched for a solar powered license frame with a light but only found the solar powered camera license plate frame. Although I did not need it as I specifically want my rear camera to come on when I put it in reverse it was in the scratch and dent section discounted so I opted to buy it and see if I can adapt it to illuminate my license plate.

It did get me thinking though that it would be great for a LCD rear view mirror providing it is mounted on the spare as it’s an always on camera. Or better yet a a triple screen and add 2 blind spot cameras*.

*see attachments





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