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Solar Shingles?


TJ Addict
Supporting Member
Sep 26, 2019
I looked into them the last time hail came through. But this got me,

"Solar shingles typically cost more than solar panels because of the amount of materials needed for installation. The average price of solar roof tiles ranges from $15,000 to $20,000, but Tesla shingles could cost more than $70,000, along with a lengthy installation period."

They are also less efficient. But I thought maybe sizing a solar/battery system a little bigger than enough to run my AC 24 hrs at peak temps would give me a cheaper back up system.

Then if the power goes out, use the power where needed.

Winter is coming so we're losing a couple hours of daylight now over peak sun. The solar incidence angles are getting worse too. But I think a system like that could run the furnace, some lights, fridges, and TVs if power went out in the winter.

Shingles take more wiring and I don't know about hail resistance for insurance purposes. We get big stuff here every 5-10 years.

I would need to take out two trees that will eventually shade the roof. I planted them specifically to shade the house in the summer and drop leaves for the winter. My landscaping is designed to create air flow or barriers, shade or not to minimize heating and cooling.