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Sometimes tire covers don't make much sense

4 banger TJ

New Member
May 10, 2019
Burnsville, MN
While driving behind other jeeps I like to look at the tire covers. It’s a good way to make your Jeep yours without changing things too drastically. Sometimes I don’t really get the idea though.


I mean, I get the idea, but this looks like Joop instead of Jeep!
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TJ Addict
Supporting Member
Dec 15, 2018
El Segundo, California
I don't like tire covers. Just a place for crap to pile up. The PO of my Jeep had one on. And there was so much dirt and debris built up it was making the wheel discolored. Or at the very least needed to be polished. I sold them the first month I had the Jeep. Plus I kind of like the look of a bare tire and wheel on the back. Looks more...rugged and outdoors like.