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Space Force Official Theme Song....


TJ Enthusiast
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Jul 19, 2018
I was in DC recently assisting an Honor Flight and at the first memorial we stopped at it was arraigned to have an honor guard there for a presentation. Well in the honor guard Space Force now has a member with their branch flag along with the other branches. As our vets know, displayed on the branch flag are your streamers from previously fought campaigns. The director of the Honor Flight, who’s an Army vet, couldn’t help himself and asked the young airman carrying the Space Force flag, “dude, where’s your streamers?” Needless to say, the airman laughed as well at the jesting. His response was, yeah….we don’t have any. 😆


washed up superhero
Supporting Member
Dec 22, 2020
Arvada, Colorado

I was expecting something related to the Steve Carell show on Netflix. I thought that show was really good, too bad it got canceled.​

Way to many big stars in that for it to last. Show cracked me up too. They actually trademarked Space Force before the military. If they hadn’t signed it over would have had to be called something else haha