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Spanish study shows, Coronavirus traces found in March 2019 sewage sample

Reign Mack

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Nov 30, 2015
London England
"The discovery of virus genome presence so early in Spain, if confirmed, would imply the disease may have appeared much earlier than the scientific community thought.

The University of Barcelona team, who had been testing waste water since mid-April this year to identify potential new outbreaks, decided to also run tests on older samples.

They first found the virus was present in Barcelona on Jan. 15, 2020, 41 days before the first case was officially reported there.

Then they ran tests on samples taken between January 2018 and December 2019 and found the presence of the virus genome in one of them, collected on March 12, 2019.

“The levels of SARS-CoV-2 were low but were positive,” research leader Albert Bosch was quoted as saying by the university."

The research has been submitted for a peer review.



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Sep 28, 2015
Florence, AZ
We caught it in Las Vegas in late November.

My middle son is type 1 diabetic. He’s high risk. I have issues that makes me high risk. We are all fine.
You mean to tell me you didn’t succumb to the .06% death rate or whatever it is? 🤣

These people kill me. Running from a virus with such a low mortality rate.