Starting over: A lightweight Rock Crawling Daily Driver

Blake Stamper

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Jan 29, 2021
Boise, Idaho
This is my now 3rd TJ, I had a 1999 4 banger that I thought I knew it all when I was building and ended up selling after ruining the drive ability of it.

The goal for this Jeep is incredibly simple, leave it on 32s, keep it as light as possible, and do it right the first time so I don’t have to redo things later.



This is what the Jeep looked like when I took it home.
I too am familiar with ruining things that started out streetable 😃

My goal this time is the same as yours. Keep it light and simple. Not ruin it 😃
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So the housefly eye headlights will be replaced? You should find someone who bought a stock TJ and sell them all the cool kid parts you're taking off!

Agree with your direction, what's next?

Yea those things are hideous, planning on switching them out for some Amazon knock off truck-lites or the Toyota headlight mod.

The next item is a flux off-road front bumper 😁😁
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As far as I know savvy was the only 6061 bumper made for tjs as well as having an extended deck so when the stock sway bar is remove you can push the winch back. Flux now making both of those material and design choices is amazing. I also really like the lines he chose for the bumper a lot too. I’m more than excited to swap my 60lb motobilt for flux’s 20lb bumper.