Steering Geometry


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Sep 19, 2019
Central Ohio
So been reading a lot of different threads lately (big thanks to everyone who contributes regularly). I've been having issues with front end vibrations. Not the DW, but a violent up and down shake between 34-45 MPH - only on acceleration. Let off and it rolls smooth. Braking has no issues. But when it shakes, it's bad. Whole steering column, dash, etc. It's hard to even read the stereo display during these speeds.

Long story short - Had a read end vibe going at first. Local guy noticed an issue with the rear diff and fixed that. Ironically, it seemed like the vibe moved from the rear to the front. After that, I had the tires balanced after reading posts on here. Seemed to help at first but then it came back. Changed the oil last week and inspected the usual connections for any excessive wear, but nothing looked out of the ordinary. Once again after reading some posts, I had a look at my pitman arm. Looks like a dropped arm (I can post a pic later if needed but I'm fairly certain) and I've been seeing everyone say go back to OE. No need for a dropped arm. U-Joints look good visually, planning on greasing those and all other grease fittings this weekend. But I need this fixed. It's my DD.

So my questions are:

1) I know OE pitman arm is suggested - how will that affect my steering geometry? What else will I need to do when reverting back to stock?

2) Is there anything else specific I should into to diagnose the vibes?

Thanks, EZ