Steering stabilizer mount with Currie steering


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Feb 16, 2022
When I switched over to the Currie steering from stock, I had a reputable local shop do the work since I was also regearing and adding lockers at the time.

I noticed that they welded on a new bracket for the steering stabilizer at the trackbar mount location instead of using the stock bracket on my axle. When I asked why, they mentioned that sharing a bolt with the trackbar “added strength” and there are “not too many other ways of mounting the stabilizer”.

This setup worked fine for a while until the welded bracket came loose from the beating it took on the trails which of course meant that the trackbar was loose as well. And I got some really bad death wobble until it was fixed.

I’m not very knowledgeable about Jeeps so was wondering if someone more knowledgeable could help me understand why they setup the steering in this way? Also, is this setup optimal or should I be able to use the stock location?

Attaching photos. The trackbar is Metalcloak, bought when I didn’t know better.



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Do you have the original correctlync bracket, they sell them.

The Currie/RJ bracket works. But it leaves a lot to be desired where unnecessary bulk is needed. I made my own out of a split piece of tube with a tab.

I can't tell from the pics whether or not the bracket the "reputable shop" used is good or bad. But the steering damper needs to go back onto the stock bracket and up onto the drag link. A shop that would put it on lower and more exposed isn't a shop that is building for actual off-road use.
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I think I see what happened. They forgot to put the stabilizer on originally so I had to take it back. They probably lost that bracket that came with the Currie and hacked something together from the shop. 🤦‍♂️ They had stellar reviews online, can’t trust anybody these days.
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