Still getting P0123 error after TPS replacement

James S Smithson

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May 13, 2018
Gainesville, GA, USA
1998 jeep wrangler TJ with a 4.0 manual five speed. I am idling too high and running rough. (asked about similar issue, trying to whittle it down) This happened overnight. I have replaced the OEM TPS with another Mopar OEM tps. Still getting P0123 error
Ground is good voltages 5.14 which is good, but the idle signal is running high 0.94, should be 0.86?.
Wide open, 4.05
Any thoughts?

Thank you so much.





I went through an entire can of carbon, choke cleaner, through all the vacuum schematics, and I can say that I have tested all vacuum connections…

I still have the primary issue which is electrical and nature because I can unplug the TPS and have RPMs in the 770s. They do not move very much.
So frustrating
A bad clockspring under the steering wheel can cause electrical noise to be sent out which goes onto the same databus used by the TPS. Which is to say that it's not uncommon for a bad/electrically noisy TPS to fool the PCM into thinking the TPS is bad.
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1998… do tell on the fix…
Remove the cluster, all you need is a Philips head screwdriver. There's a multipin electrical connector behind it, disconnect it. Use needle nose pliers to put the smallest possible barely perceptible bend onto each of the gold plated male pins then put it all back together. That fix was a common recommendation in the early TJ years and it permanently cured my 97's intermittent instrument cluster.

The above gives a tighter electrical connection for each of the pins and usually cures the intermittent instrument cluster problem so common on early TJs.

Before that fix came out we were having to pound on top of the dash to get the cluster working again lol.
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