Stoney Lonesome 5/31 - 6/3

John Cooper

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Jun 10, 2020
Bryant, AL.
In preparation of our Stoney Lonesome trip, I thought I would toss out the planning pictures.

Got tools and impact boxes figured out.

SmittyBuilt side shades on.

Room for the cooler in back also. Just haven't put it in BB yet.

I will be leaving out around 9am eastern time on 5/31, meet up at Stoney Lonesome with @RangerTJ and @tnjeepguy around noon or so, wait on @Hog To show up then wait on @AndyG and @Jerry Bransford to come rolling in.

Can't wait for the fun to begin!!!!!!
So I'll be sure to bring ducks...

Looks like we'd be able to make it for an all day type thing on either Friday or Saturday... just not a whole weekend.

The main festivities are Saturday- if the rain holds out
Jealous…it’s our first week of summer break which means family trip but 2 of 3 kids will be at sleep away camp the second half of the summer, maybe I can finally make an event then.
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What time are the events starting on Saturday? Looks like that’s when we’ll be there. Appt on Friday, and baseball on Sunday

We are all hanging out fri pm and will get breakfast that am at hardees (maybe) at the dodge city exit and be wheeling by 10 I suspect

The only caveat is working around the rain -

There is an awesome tool place 20 miles away we might hit- think “a gymnasium full of tools”