Strange shifter behavior


TJ Enthusiast
Jun 18, 2020
Madison, WI
'05 LJ automatic
Observed my automatic shifter did not want to go into Park. I had already read about the "chopstick fix" involving the plastic shift selector, and figured I just needed to perform that minor fix. Upon removing the shift knob (seems mine was glued on, wow!) I noticed that the plastic culprit did not seem worn. I also noticed that I could not apply pressure to the white plastic piece and move the shifter into Park. After fiddling with it a bit, and applying some more pressure than I had been, I was able to put the trans in Park. I reattached the shift knob, started the motor, and cycled from Park to 1, and back up; Shifter now seems fine, and I did not use a chopstick. Any idea what was going on here? I was all ready for a nice, easy fix, and I'm now more suspicious since the problem self-healed.
Possibly solving my own question in record time here.
It seems like a large amount of wet, clumpy snow may have been hanging up the shift mechanism on the trans. I just hope that I didn't use to much pressure (referencing my original post) when moving the shift selector into Park.