STICKY Submit your TJ for the February 2019 Ride of the Month


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Sep 28, 2015
Salem, Oregon
Okay guys and gals, it's that time again.

Submit the best photo of your TJ you have for February's Ride of the Month contest. Only one photo submission per member. Submissions will be allowed until Janaury 20th, at which point voting will begin and go until the end of November. The winner will be announced on January 1st.

The winner will receive a special "Ride of the Month" badge that will be displayed under their forum avatar, a "Ride of the Month" signature image, and will have their photo featured on the main forum page.

  1. Only one photo submission per member.

  2. Please choose the best photo you have. Blurry photos, low resolution photos, and photos with poor lighting are not likely to get you many votes.

  3. If you won the ride of the month contest within the last year, you are not eligible to compete again for another year (12 months from the date of your last win. So if you won in May of 2017, you can't enter the contest again until May of 2018).

  4. In order to compete in this contest you must have 20 posts!
    This is to reduce the amount of people who are joining the forum with no other intention than competing in this contest and then never being seen again. If you do not have 20 posts, you will not be able to submit your photo in this contest. Once you have 20 posts, you will see the option to post a reply to this thread, at which point you can enter the contest. The only exception to this rule is Supporting Members who can bypass this rule with no posts. My thought on that is that if you're willing to pay to support this site, you're more than likely around for the long haul.

  5. Do not submit photos taken with your phone using portrait mode (up and down). These photos are unusable for the Ride of the Month forum banner, and it's simply bad practice to begin with.

Suggestions on how to take a good photo
  1. Choose a good, scenic background. You're probably more likely to win that way as oppose to just taking a photo in a parking lot for example.

  2. Landscape / panoramic style images are what we are looking for. In other words, photos that are long and short as oppose to tall and narrow. For those of you taking the photos with a phone, please do not take your photo in portrait mode.

  3. Use good lighting. Good lighting makes all the difference in the world in a photo.

  4. Use a high resolution photo. A low resolution photo isn't what we're looking for.