Surpentine belt size adjustment


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Jul 29, 2023
After adding a your mini compressor and a 240 amp alternator I need to change the length of my belt.

The one I currently have is 108 inches, that puts the tensioner at the bottom of it stroke.

If I want to force the tensioner to move 3/8" I would reduce my belt length by 3/4"?
I would go to a parts store and try to find a belt with 107 inches, see how it fits, then 106... and so forth. that's what I did. Who knows how to move a tensioner 3/8"?
and for fucks sake. Serpentine. like a snake.
String or Paracord is your friend...loop it through where the belt goes, cut it or mark it...lay it out flat and measure it...and then buy that and a size up and down.

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