Switchback LED problem


Mar 18, 2022
I have an 05 sport, I ordered these switchback lights because guy in the phone said they’d work (obviously didn’t) Switchback LED turn signal

When I called back a different guy said it’s because the rubicons come stock with a different circuit that allows a separate DRL for the LED in a dual filament socket or something like that that the sport doesn’t have. I bought an LED relay, I just need to find this rubicon turn signal socket for it to recognize the different circuit for the DRL. Does anyone know where I can buy one without getting it off a rubicon?
I don’t think that 2nd guy told you the truth. As far as I know, those bulb sockets are all the same. LEDs in the forward facing turn signals (I think) are known to cause weird problems without some electrical modifications.

There are others here far more knowledgeable on the LED/turn signal issues than I am and I’m sure they will post what they know.