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Take Care Of Your Equipment



TJ Enthusiast
Jun 28, 2018
Apache Junction, Arizona
LandCruiser :applaudit:

The one I had was rusted to death but would pull a house off it's foundation and drag it wherever it felt like taking it.
I saw a then couple year old Mercedes with the same problem. Amazing what a little salt water can do.
I drove rather long distances so I used to expect no rust on a 200K vehicle.


TJ Addict
Supporting Member
Jun 4, 2018
Thanks for tagging me. @Shatto This is a beautiful Landcruiser ... I love the old FJs in general. Toyota has taken design elements from Jeeps and Land Rovers etc and not only made something unique but also very timeless in the FJ4* series. I really want to get one someday in my life.

I really wish they sold the newer versions here in the US, have no idea why they are not while here. They are very capable vehicles overall.
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